The power of the almighty crystal

I asked my husband how many crystals we have in the house because I couldn't even estimate it. We agreed that between us we have about 100+ of varying sizes.

We have them pretty much everywhere you could imagine. I find them under my daughter’s pillow (she puts them there) and in her knapsack. My husband has several in his car, in his pockets and on his night table. For me, I wear them as jewellery almost every day whether in the form of a mala or bracelet and I have them in my bra. If you meet me, you can safely assume I’m packing crystals.

Once upon a time I didn't believe in the energy and power of crystals but after an incredible experience in India with crystals, their power was undeniable. Since then, I have been gathering crystals and using them in my daily spiritual practice. ⁣

Here are a few that I am using right now: ⁣

Sodalite - unites logic with intuition and opens spiritual perception. This crystal helps deepen meditation. Emotionally this stone can help bring calm into your life. ⁣

Citrine - I have a big chunk of citrine that was a gift from a dear friend. Citrine is a crystal that never needs to be cleansed. This is an important stone that promotes abundance. It can also help promote self-confidence.⁣

Smoky Quartz - One of the best stones for grounding. This crystal helps to neutralize negative vibrations - I carry this one in my purse everyday and will wear it around my neck if I am in a large crowd or on a plane. ⁣

⁣So how do you use them on the daily? For me, I hold them while I am meditating or I have them around me. I have some in my office and they are strategically placed around my home. You can make crystal grids with varying intentions (more on these grids in a future post) and you can use them on your chakras for healing.

How do you use crystals in your daily practice? Comment below.