Open the door and invite the pain in


When we go through tough times, as we all do, what is your default emotion? What is your default state of being? ⁣

At one point in my life, I would have curled up in a ball and tried to sleep it out. Mornings would be the hardest when I was going through something hard. I literally wouldn't want to face the day. I reflect now and see that I didn't want to feel the pain. I mean, who does?! ⁣With the exception of a few people, I am assuming that most people don’t seek out emotional pain. It’s HARD! It requires us to make a very clear choice - to either rise up and face the pain or to avoid and hide from it.

The thing with pain is if you don't sit with it, it finds you somehow. It creeps up on you later, or will find its way back to you in a different way at a different time. ⁣

Pain is a gift - yes, you read that correctly. It leads you to incredible growth and healing and ultimately, transformation.

I’m facing some difficult things in my life right now. I can honestly say the last month has been the hardest of my life, but at the same time has been a time where I have felt more strength than I ever have. Through this difficult time, I have chosen to feel the pain. It's there, I acknowledge its presence and I feel its lesson. I label the pain, what does it feel like as it manifests in my body, how is it impacting my chakras or energy centres, my mental thoughts? As I label it and acknowledge it, I create distance from it. I am like an observer to the feeling. I have found it so much easier to work through any hurt that I am feeling when I practice this mindfulness work on a daily basis. ⁣⠀

I don't feel like I need to stay in bed in the mornings like I used to. I feel like I want to get up and embrace the day. Not because things aren't hard - they are right now, but because I am inviting the pain in. I'm letting it in, but not inviting it to build a house. I wake up and say 'thank you' for this beautiful challenge in my life. I say thank you because I know that once I am on the other side of it, I will be forever changed and one step closer to the person I want to be. ⁣⠀