Get rid of the stink in your home


Have you seen the movie Stink on Netflix? After I was about 30 minutes in, I switched it off and told my husband we needed to watch it together and I started it all over again. It’s an important movie to watch. I can’t say I felt uplifted at the end of the movie, and I won’t spoil it for you, but suffice to say, things need to change when it comes to the chemicals in our home and in our environment.

I often feel hopeless when I think about how I can protect myself and my family from the harmful chemicals all around us. From our food and water, to the air we breathe, we are surrounded. A couple of years ago I made the switch to DIY non-toxic household cleaners to help reduce the toxins in our home and be kinder to the environment.

Do natural cleaning products kill bacteria?

My husband does the majority of the cleaning in the household and because the natural cleaners don’t hold that toxic chemical smell for very long, he assumed that it isn’t killing the bacteria as well. And he’s partly right.

Some store-bought environmentally friendly non-toxic cleaners do little more that remove dirt. But vinegar, for example, is effective at cleaning E. coli, salmonella and shigella bacteria. Throw in some essential oils like rosemary, tea tree oil and basil and you’ve got a bacteria killing machine in the form of a natural spray.

The thing is, we don’t actually want to kill ALL the bacteria. We need some of it to maintain a healthy immune system. And if you’re cleaning regularly, the bacteria in your household shouldn’t be hanging out there anyway.

How do you make the switch? All at once or slowly?

For my household, we switched all at once. We have one main bottle of all-purpose cleaner that we used for almost everything. We do switch it up for the toilets and the shower to help with the mildew.

Did it take some getting used to? It did.  We’re conditioned to think that if something doesn’t have an intense “clean” smell, then it isn’t clean. Essential oils generally smell at first, but then we get used to the smell, so we don’t think it’s there, but it is. I recently tried the Thieves cleaner by Young Living and I have to say, I am really, really impressed. I’m not a consultant for Young Living, but my friend is - so we did a little video below showing you how to make my cleaner and how to make the one with Thieves. Both are great and work really well.


Natural bathroom cleaner

  • 1 part distilled water, or boiled water

  • 1 part white vinegar

  • 20-30 drops essential oil like lemon, rosemary, tea tree oil. I like a combo of all three of those. You could also use peppermint, cinnamon, pine, wild orange or thyme.

Natural all-purpose cleaner (marble safe)

You should never use vinegar on marble because it can erode the sealant. If you have marble, use the following recipe:

  • 2 cups distilled water

  • 1 tbsp castile soap

  • 20-30 drops essential oil like lemon, rosemary, tea tree oil. I like a combo of all three of those. You could also use peppermint, cinnamon, pine, wild orange or thyme.

Natural toilet cleaner

  • Sprinkle baking soda in the toilet and then add 1 cup of white vinegar. You can add some pine essential oil if you’d like, but you don’t have to. Scrub and voila - clean toilet!

Natural mildew remover

  • Create a paste using vinegar and baking soda, and use this to scrub the mildew away. You can also add essential oils to this as well like tea tree oil or lemon - they are especially good for mildew.

It’s really important to use glass bottles for these DIY products. Essential oils are so powerful that they can wear away at the plastic, and then you’re basically contaminating your cleaning solution with toxins. I bought great bottles on Amazon and if you’re a Prime member they will be at your house lickety-split.

Tools you can use

Below you’ll find some links to the products I have used in order to make my cleaning products. Please note that I am a member of the Amazon Affiliate program, however I will only ever recommend products that I have used personally.

Bottle for cleaning supplies

Liquid Castille Soap for non-toxic marble safe all-purpose cleaner

While I’m not a Young Living rep, I do LOVE their oils. And I’m picky about my essential oils and have tried lots of brands. If you’re interested in picking up some oils, all are not created equal. I’ve included a link to my referral program at Young Living and you can find it by clicking here to order your oils. Again, I’m not a rep, just really love their stuff.

Below is a video of Bobbi-Jo and I demonstrating how we make our cleaners. Enjoy!