My letter to all of the women warriors


Dear lovelies,

I struggled with what to say to you as we near Mother’s Day. I was going to share some of my personal journey to motherhood, but I think I need more time to heal. It was a difficult and often painful journey and I hope that soon I can share it with you so that it might help one of you.

What I did really want to do was acknowledge every women who has experienced motherhood, but also to all of those women warriors who have wanted to become mothers, but for whatever reason haven’t or have chosen not to. Truth be told, Mother’s Day wasn’t always pleasant for me. For a few years I struggled to be a mother to a biological child and Mother’s Day was a painful reminder of what I didn’t have, but really wanted.

There are so many different stories of bravery and courage that women have in their desire to become mothers. This week, I wanted you to know that I honour all of you as you walk this path--whatever it may be and wherever it has taken you. May the light of the universe shine within you, and may the power of the spirit guide you.