Learning to live (and thrive) with anxiety


I struggle with anxiety. It's no longer a daily struggle like it used to be thanks to yoga, daily meditation, prayer and a clean diet, but nonetheless it creeps in now and again. ⁣

Lately I've had a few of those 'not good' weeks. The lack of sun we've been having hasn't helped either. My anxiety has impacted my sleep and my overall state of wellness. It manifests in different ways for me. I get restless with life - wanting to make huge life changes, negative thoughts, insomnia, hyper sensitivity, sugar cravings and just an overall feeling of being unwell.

In the past, I would often give in to those cravings and I would feel worse and the cycle of anxiety would start. Not this time though. I know what my body and mind needs. Rest, nourishing food, extra meditation sessions, unscheduled family time, walks outside and unplugging from social media/work. ⁣

It's funny that we so often know what our body and mind need, but we don't do it. We deprioritize ourselves and our health in favour of other things. I've learned that it's not an option for me to do that. My oxygen mask has to be on first before I can be of service to anyone else. ⁣

So if you're feeling a little off this week, or even this month. Search within yourself and ask, "What do you need to feel whole?" You likely know the answer. And don't hesitate to take steps to make it happen.