A special note for my readers

Dear Beautiful Souls, 

Given the fact that I am writing more and more on my marriage and its breakdown, I thought I would share some of my thoughts on perspective and word choice. It’s important for me to mention that the views in this blog are my own and don’t represent those of my former partner. I don’t want to speak for him, nor do I want to hinder his privacy. However, I am committed to being authentic with my writing and my content on this blog - that means that sometimes I will write about topics and issues that require vulnerability and courage. They will require me to go out of my comfort zone (big time). I know this is valuable to you, Beautiful Souls, because of the messages I am getting that my writing is helping many of you through tough times, and it’s important for me to continue. Writing this blog has also been incredibly healing for me. I am grateful for this platform and for your words of encouragement.

At the same time, I also recognize that every person experiences their reality in their own way - this is especially true of a relationship and when a relationship breaks down. In my post about Anger, I chose to use the word ‘betrayal’ to describe how I felt as my marriage ended because that was my experience of the situation. For me a betrayal is when a promise is made and then broken. I didn’t get into the specifics in the post about what promise was broken, and I won’t because that is more than I am comfortable writing about at this time. However, I want to honour the fact that my former partner’s experience was different than my own. My word choice would not have been his word choice to describe the situation, and I recognize that. 

I edited the blog post to remove the word, while still holding true to what my experience was. While word choice is critical - especially when writing about something so personal, I do regret that my choice of the word ‘betrayal’ may have caused pain. 

With gratitude,