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I’m Kathleen. I have lived most of my life as a free-spirit. I love to travel the world, usually solo. I have a passion for all things natural - natural food, health, conscious living. I’ve been a yoga and meditation teacher for almost 10 years—these practices have grounded me in my life.

I always said I didn’t want kids, but then one day I did. So I did. And once she came into the world, I never looked back. Since I became a mother, I don’t travel as much as a I used to, but every year or so, I go on a little adventure on my own. It feeds my soul until the next time.

Since I’m in one place more than I used to be, I taught myself to cook nourishing whole foods meals. I teach yoga in my small town in Caledon, Ontario, Canada—check out my classes if you are in the area!

I do all the things you would imagine from someone who is passionate about natural health and alternative healing. I use natural skin care and cleaning products, eat wholesome, unprocessed foods, have a large collection of crystals and essential oils and get outside as much as I can. I chant mantras, and consult oracle cards on the regular.

One of my greatest challenges in life has been my relationship with food. For as long as I have memories, I can remember having body image issues. In my teenage years, I suffered from anorexia and bulimia. In university, I studied acting and with that came intense scrutiny on the physical form. My disordered eating deepened. I went back to school for public relations and started a career in communications and marketing.

Through the years, I went through life recovering, relapsing, and recovering again but never being truly free of the chains of emotional eating and how I felt in my physical body.

It was only after I had a child and approached my 40s did I really start doing the work around accepting and loving my body. Through all of the tools that I had available to me - yoga, mindfulness, clean eating, I finally began to heal and accept the beauty and strength of my physical form. I’m a work in progress.

What you won’t find on this blog is perfection. But you will find acceptance, self-love and inspiration. Oh and some pretty amazing recipes too. Cooking is one of my greatest joys. So if that’s your jam, come along for the ride.